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Best Selenium Training Institute in Bangalore

Selenium is one of the most popular automated testing suites. Selenium is designed in a way to support and encourage automation testing of functional aspects of web-based applications and a wide range of browsers and platforms. AnoopTech provides real-time and is placement focused best Selenium training Institute in Bangalore. We start with fundamental of Selenium and then move to the advanced level.

Selenium Training Institute in Bangalore

Selenium Training Course at AnoopTech training Institute is designed to give participants the skills & knowledge to gain a competitive advantage in starting/enhancing a career in Selenium industry. Participants receive up-to-date training in multiple areas of Selenium and a thorough understanding of real-world projects. If you are searching for the best Selenium training institute in Bangalore, you have reached the right place.

Best Selenium Training Institute in Bangalore

Selenium training will give a finishing edge to any software recently developed with quality feedback on its performance. Every industry whether its retails, banking, manufacturing, healthcare, telecom, embedded, mainframe or application software etc needs selenium to be done before its successful launch into the market.

Our best Selenium training Institute in Bangalore can set your career on an upward move. Our trainers are some of the ablest in the industry with profound empirical knowledge in addition to having an enviable proficiency in theories. By following a student-centric approach to teaching and sharing real-time scenarios, they have been guaranteeing successful learning outcomes in students.

Why Selenium at AnoopTech?

What makes our selenium training institute in Bangalore more popular as an IT training institute are our courses, which are not just easy to grab but also extremely relevant as far as current industry standards are concerned. We endeavour to keep you abreast of all the latest programming innovations and make sure every bit of information we pass on makes sense to you. This course is conducted on weekdays/weekends at flexible timings. The student can opt for any time between 7 am to 8 pm on all days Monday to Saturday, Sunday any time between 7 am to 2 pm. New batches available every week or schedules time & date.

Topics included in our Selenium Training:

Selenium tool

Core Java:

Basics of Programming:

  • Java Components – JVM, JRE and JDK
  • Data Types and Variables.
  • Methods
  • Basic Programming, etc.

OOPS in Java:

  • Members Of Class
  • Class and Object
  • Constructors
  • Has-A and Is-A Relationship
  • this and super statement
  • Polymorphism (Overloading and Overriding), etc.

Introduction to Automation

    • What is Automation
    • Advantages & Disadvantage of Automation
    • When do we go for Automation
    • Introduction to Selenium WebDriver
    • What is Selenium?
    • Languages & Platform supported by Selenium
    • Basic Browser Handling
    • Launching Browser (Firefox, Chrome, IE, Safari…)
    • Handling Browser Navigation


  • What is a locator?
  • Locator types


  • About Script Synchronization
  • Implicit wait
  • Explicit wait
  • Custom wait

Handling WebElement

  • Different ways to perform actions on elements
  • Using getters and setters for validation
  • Handling Multiple Elements

Handling Mouse events

  • Performing mouse hover action
  • Handling the Dropdown Menu
  • Performing Drag and Drop action

Handling ListBox

  • Selecting options using different methods
  • Handling Multi select list box
  • Sorting the content of the list box
  • Searching the list box

Handling Popups

  • Introduction to types of popup
  • Techniques identify popup type
  • Handling different types of popup

Page Object Model

  • Introduction to Page Object Model
  • Handling Elements (declaration, initialization and utilization)
  • Page Decoration using Page Factory
  • Advantages of POM

Working with Auto-It Working with Apache POI Library.

  • Testing annotations
  • Testing reporting
  • Testing Assertion
  • Testing suite
  • Parallel execution
  • Parameter
  • Group Execution
  • Parallel Execution

Automation FrameWork

  • What is Automation Frame Work
  • Why Framework
  • Types of Framework
  • Designing Framework
  • Implementation of Frame Work
  • Execution of Frame Work

Automation Project

  • Implementing Framework on Web Project
  • Automation workspace management using SVN
  • Challenges faced in Automation Project and Handling it Automation Life Cycle

Jenkins (Continuous Integration Tool)

Why Join Anooptech Institute?

Selenium Certification in Bangalore at Anooptech Training centre is delivered by highly qualified Selenium professionals with many years of expertise in Selenium Tools & methodologies. Selenium Course in Bangalore at Anooptech is one of the Best Selenium Training Institute in Bangalore.

  • Highly qualified Selenium Professionals as Trainers with more than 8 years of Experience in Selenium Field.
  • The curriculum that meets the Global Selenium Industry Standards.
  • Real-time projects & Case Studies.
  • Get an Opportunity to Placed in good Companies.
  • Apart from mentoring, we will provide real-time assignments and projects on the tools used in this course.

Begin Your Career With Best Selenium Training Institute in Bangalore

There are many Selenium training institutes in Bangalore. But if you are someone who always looks for quality training rather than anything else, AnoopTech Training Institue is definitely for you. Our Selenium Training in Bangalore will not just only fit in your budget but will also convert you into a professional Selenium expert.

APPLY NOW for Best Selenium Training in Bangalore. If you require any more details, please feel free to contact us.

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