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SAP Basis Administration Training – R/3 with Oracle

• Orientation & Introductions
• SAP R/3,

What is SAP R/3, New dimension Technology?

  • ERP Market Place
  • SAP AG
  • Overview of R/3, New dimension Technology?
  • R/3 Components

• What is Basis?

R/3 Architecture & Technology
Basis Consultant’s Roles & Responsibilities
Introduction to Operating Systems – Unix and

Windows 2000 Server

• Introduction to RDBMS - Oracle
• Introduction to R/3


• Basic Architecture & Technology Concepts
• Navigating SAP R/3
• Logging On and Off

Graphical User Interface
On-line Help
Starting the R/3 System
Starting an R/3 Instance
Process Overview at the Operating System


Assigning Parameter Values R/3 Startup Logs
and Traces

Startup Diagnostics
Database Startup Logs and Traces
Before Stopping the R/3 System
Stopping the R/3 System
Stopping R/3: Error Diagnostics

Transaction RZ10

Profile Maintenance
R/3 Profiles
Maintaining R/3 Profiles
Changing R/3 Profile Parameters
Checking and Comparing R/3 Profiles


Choosing an Operation Mode
o Choosing an Operation Mode
o Setting Up Operation Modes/Instances
o Adapting Instance Definitions and Operation Modes
o Operation Mode Switch: Advantage
o Scheduling Operation Modes
o Switching Operation Modes Manually

 Background Processing

o Background Processing
o Why Background Processing?
o What is a Background Job?
o Scheduling of Jobs and Workload Balancing
o Defining a Job Using the Job Wizard
o Executing Programs as Job Steps
o Start Conditions of a Job
o Definition and Triggering of Events
o Status of a Job
o Summary Q & A

SAP R/3 Installation Concepts

o Elements in R/3 Installation
o Installation Steps
o Installation of Presentation Server
o Post-installation Steps
o R3SETUP and INSTGUI Utilities

Client Instance Strategy

o Terminology
o Promote to Production Strategies

Computer Center Management System

o Overview of CCMS Concept
o Managing Profiles
o R/3 Operation Modes
o CCMS Monitors
o Managing SAP System Alerts
o Database Performance Monitor
o Operating System Performance Monitor

Transport Management System

Workbench/Customizing Organizer

o Transports System Concepts
o System Types
o Using tp, the Transport Control Program
o Post Installation Steps


Database maintenance and architecture

o Oracle and SAP R/3
o Introduction to BRTOOLS
o Table space Administration with BRTOOLS

• SAP Online Support System (OSS)

• SAP Database Administration – Continued

o Backing Up the Database: BRBACKUP
o Backing Up the Archived Redo Logs:


• R3 Performance tuning
• Management of Users, Authorizations and
o Overview of User Administration
o Managing User Master Records

• SAP Printing System
• General Admin Utilities

o Monitoring User Sessions
o Monitoring Work Processes
o Monitoring Update Records
o Monitoring Lock Entries
o Monitoring Client Copies
o R/3 System Logs
o ABAP/4 Short Dumps
o System Traces
SAP Installation – 4.7 and ECC 5.0

a) SQL Installation

b) Service Packs

c) Central Installation

d) Database Installation

Application Server Installation

a) SQL Client Installation
b) SAP Dialogue Installation
Post Installation
a) Check Installation
b) Client Creation
c) Client Copy
d) Add Logical System
e) STMS Configuration
f) Operation Mode
g) Kernel and Patches update
h) Profile changes
User Administration
a) User Creation
b) User Lock/Unlock/Change Password
c) Kill Users

d) Authorization to Users
e) Send Message to Users (Single & Multiple)
Change Request
a) Create CR
b) Release CR
c) Transport CR
d) Merge CR


a) Create Role
b) Copy Role
c) Remove Role
d) Add or Remove TCode to Role
e) Add or Remove Object to Role
Job Scheduling
a) Schedule a Job
b) Monitor a Job
c) Delete a Job Printer
a) Create a Printer
b) Create a local Default Printer
c) Create a Network Printer
d) Attach a Network Printer to a Role
e) Create Cheque Printer Transport
a) Import CR
b) Transport CR
c) Transport Role Client
a) Client opening or closing SAP Market
a) Request/Applying and Status of License Key
b) Generate Developer Access Key
c) Open a Problem via SAP Market Place
d) Download Support Package – SPAM
e) Download Kernel Patches
f) Send Messages to SAP

SMTP Connector

a) Add an SMTP Connector
b) Modify/Delete Connection

RFC Connection

a) Create RFC Connection
b) Modify/Delete Connection Background Job
a) Create Background Jobs
b) Modify/Monitor Jobs Monitoring
a) Global Work Process
b) Work Process
c) Work Loading System
d) Backup
e) Lock Entries
f) Updates
g) Errors
h) Consistency Check


i) Temese Check
j) Memory/CPU Management Performance Tuning
a) Archiving

ITS Installation Trouble Shooting

a) SAP System Response Trouble Shooting
b) SAP System Startup Trouble Shooting
c) SAP GUI Trouble Shooting
d) SAP Printer Trouble Shooting
Operation Mode Maintenance



Backup & Recovery

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