Excellent SAP BODS Training in Marathahalli, Bangalore. We do offer Fast-Track SAP BODS Training and One-to-One SAP BODS Training. Here are the major topics we cover under this SAP BODS course Syllabus:- Data Services – Advance Level, Data Services – SAP Extraction Introduction, Data Services – SAP ERP Extraction, Data Services – SAP BW/BI Extraction & Loading, Data Services – SAP Advanced Concepts. Every topic will be covered in mostly practical way with examples.



What is a data warehouse?
Data warehouse Concepts
Data warehouse Products
About SAP and their products
History of Business objects and their Products

SAP BO Data Services

About Data services -Introduction
Data services Product Evolution
Architecture of Data Services
Components of Data Services
Components of Designer
Data services objects and object hierarchy
Types of Repository
Creation of Repository and assignment of repository
Job Server & Access Server
Metadata Integrator – sharing the BODS Metadata to BOXI
License Manager-Adding or upgrading the keys

Formats: Different types of Formats

Flat file
DTD files
XML Schemas
Excel Workbooks
Data loading using Flat file as a source and target. Data loading using XML file as source
Data loading using Excel Workbooks as source
Dynamic Extraction – File Selection & Sheet Selection
Loading multiple files

Data stores: Different types of data stores

Database (SQL Server)
SAP ECC Application
SAP BI Application
Web Service
Data loading using SQL Server as source and flat file as target
Data loading using SQL Server as source and SQL Server as target
Data loading using SAP ECC as source and SAP BI as target
Data loading using SAP ECC as source
SAP ECC/BI extractors
Data loading using SAP BI as Source
BI Tables
OHD (Open Hub destination)
If & While Loop
Trace, Catch, Script, Annotation Transforms:
Data Integrator Transforms
Platform Transforms
Data Quality TransformsText analysis -Introduction TDP Vs TA
Text analysis-Base Entity Extraction Transform

Advanced Topics

Delta extraction from SQL Server(Change Data Capture)
Delta extraction from SAP ECC(Change Data Capture)
Slowly Changing Dimension1
Slowly Changing Dimension2
Slowly Changing Dimension3
BODS Administrator
Real time jobs
Embedded Data flows
Parameters, Functions, Custom Functions
Debugging, Recovery mechanism
Data assessment -Data Profiling
BODS Performance Tuning Techniques
Multi-User Development Environment
Real Time Scenarios
Interview Questions
CV Preparation

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