Enroll for our SAP PP Training in Marathahalli, Bangalore. We do offer Fast-Track SAP PP Training in Bangalore and One-to-One SAP PP Training in Bangalore. Here are the major topics we cover under this SAP PP course Syllabus Production Planning Master Data, Master Planning, Material Requirement Planning, Production Orders, Discrete Manufacturing, Repetitive Manufacturing, Integration points of Production Planning with other modules, Reporting & Tools. Every topic will be covered in mostly practical way with examples.

SAP Production Planning

I. Overview of Master Data for Production

 Accessing and Creating Types of Data
 Using Organisational Elements and Master Data in Production

II. Organizational Data in Supply Chain Management

 Creating a Plant in SAP ERP
 Creating a Storage location in SAP ERP
 Creating MRP Areas

III. Material Master

 Describing the structure of Material Master Record
 Maintaining Prerequisites for Creating Material Masters
 Creating a Material Master Record
 Classifying Material Master Records
 Managing a Material Master Record

IV. Bills of Material (BOM)

 Describing the Structure of the Bill of Material
 Managing the Validity of BOMs
 Managing Bills of Material
 Using ECMs to Change BOMs
 Analysing Bills of Material
 Configuring Bills of Material

V. Work Centre

 Describing the Structure of Work centre
 Creating Work Centres
 Creating Capacities in the Work Centre
 Integrating Costing with Work Centre

VI. Task Lists

 Describing the structure of the Task List
 Create a Routing
 Creating Material assignments and Component allocations
 Creating Sub Operations
 Analysing and Changing Task Lists

VII. Advanced Bill of Material Functions

 Describing Phantom Assemblies
 Creating Co-Products and By-Products
 Creating Alternative Components

Creating Multiple BOMs

 Creating Variant BOMs

III. Advanced Routing Functions

 Creating alternative and Parallel sequences
 Creating Alternative Routings and Production Versions
 Creating Reference Operation sets
 Creating Trigger Points
 Using Scrap in the Routing
 Creating Production Resources and Tools

IX. Demand Management

 Introduction to Demand Management
 Planning Make to Stock Production without Consumption logic
 Planning Make to Stock Production with Consumption logic
 Planning Make to Order Production without Consumption logic
 Planning Make to Order Production with Consumption logic

X. Material Requirements Planning (MRP) Execution

 Basic concepts of MRP
 Setting up MRP Pre-requisites
 Setting up and Executing MRP run

XI. Technical Processes of Requirements Planning

 Calculating Net requirements
 Calculating lot sizes
 Setting up Basic Date and Lead Time scheduling
 Selecting BOM and Routing

XII. MRP Results Processing and Evaluations

 Generating MRP list
 Comparing MRP list and Stock/Requirement list

XIII. Production Orders

 Order Processing and Order Structure
 Order Creation
 Order Release
 Order Documents
 Material Staging
 Confirmations
 Goods Receipt
 Order Settlement, Archiving and Deletion

XIV. Production with process Orders

 Overview of Process Orders
 Drafting Process Orders

XV. Repetitive Manufacturing

 Overview of Repetitive Manufacturing
 Drafting Repetitive manufacturing

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