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Manual Testing Course Content

Introduction to SAP Business Workflow

workflow is a model that describes a sequence of operations, representing an actual business process.

A simple example would be a leave request. An employee calls his manager saying he’d like to take a vacation. The manager asks for specific dates. The employee specifies the date in which he’ll be absent, to which the manager replies with either “I approve your request” or “Forget it.”

Listing Manual Testing Course Content to help you understand the subject.

Software Introduction

a. Standalone Applications
b. Client-Server Applications
c. Web Applications
d. Mobile Application

3. Qualities of a Good Tester

4. What is Software Testing

5. Software Testing (Quality) Standards

6. Importance of Testing

7. Principles of Testing

8. Types of Testing

9. Methods of Testing

10. Levels of Testing

11. Other Types of Testing (around 30 other types of testing used in real time)

12. Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

Different SDLC Models

a. Waterfall (Sequential) Model
b. V – Model
c. Incremental Model
d. Rapid Application Development Model (RAD)
e. Iterative Model
f. Spiral Model
g. Agile Model

14. Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC)

15. Differences between SDLC & STLC

Agile Testing Methodologies

a. Scrum
b. eXtreme Programming

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