Selenium Certification in Marathahalli, Bangalore

We Provides Best Selenium Training Courses in Marathahalli, Bangalore. We train the students from basic level to advanced concepts with real time environment. Taking selenium classes is a rage these days and this web-based, open source automation framework has successfully made a place for itself in the IT market. Although you can approach any institute for selenium training in Bangalore, Anooptech has no match in this regard and happens to be one of those institutes that believe in offering best selenium training in Bangalore. So, don’t make any delays, and get enrolled today.

Selenium training will give a finishing edge to any software recently developed with quality feedback on it’s performance.

Every industry whether its retails, banking, manufacturing, healthcare, telecom, embedded, mainframe or application software etc needs selenium to be done before its successful launch into the market.

This course is conducted in weekdays / weekends at flexible timings. The student can opt any time between 7am to 8pm on all days Monday to Saturday, Sunday any time between 7am to 2pm. New batches available every week or schedules time & date.


Selenium tool

Core Java:

Basics of Programming:

 Java Components – jvm, jre and jdk

 Data Types and Variables.

 Methods

 Basic Programming

1. Decision Statements

2. Looping Statements

OOPS in Java:

 Members Of Class

 Class and Object

 Constructors

 Has-A and Is-A Relationship

 this and super statement

 Polymorphism (Overloading and Overriding)

 Abstract class and Interface

 Type Casting

 Abstraction

 Generalization and Specialization

 Access specifiers

 Encapsulation

  • Exception Handling
  • Multithreading
  • Collection Framework
  • Selenium Tool
  • Selenium RC
  • Selenium IDE

Introduction to Automation

 What is Automation
 Advantages & Disadvantage of Automation
 When do we go for Automation

Introduction to Selenium WebDriver

 What is Selenium?

 Languages & Platform supported by Selenium
Basic Browser Handling

 Launching Browser (Firefox,Chrome, IE,Safari…)

 Handling Browser Navigation


 What is locator?

 Locator types


 About Script Synchronization

 Implicit wait

 Explicit wait

 Custom wait

Handling WebElement

 Different ways to perform actions on elements

 Using getters and setters for validation

 Handling Multiple Elements

Handling Mouse events

 Performing mouse hover action

 Handling Drop down Menu

 Performing Drag and Drop action

Handling ListBox

 Selecting options using different methods

 Handling Multi select list box

 Sorting the content of list box

 Searching the list box

Handling Popups

 Introduction to types of popup
 Techniques identify popup type
 Handling different types of popup

Page Object Model

 Introduction to Page Object Model
 Handling Elements (declaration, initialization and utilization)
 Page Decoration using Page Factory
 Advantages of POM

Working with Auto It Working with Apache POI Library.


 Testing annotations
 Testing reporting
 Testing Assertion
 Testing suite
 Parallel execution
 Parameter
 Group Execution
 Parallel Execution

Automation FrameWork

 What is Automation Frame Work
 Why Frame work
 Types of Frame work
 Designing Frame work
 Implementation of Frame Work
 Execution of Frame Work

Automation Project

 Implementing Frame work on Web Project
 Automation workspace management using SVN
 Challenges faced in Automation Project and Handling it Automation Life Cycle

Jenkins (Continuous Integration Tool)